Hello World…

I will begin my clichéd plea for classic romance by saying… I am rapidly losing hope. I will explain the details of my past romantics at a later time, but to introduce my premise for this page I will explain my current bone-wrenching frustrations with this societal practice we call dating.

I would not say that I am a girl who lusts for a fairytale romance or a Prince Charming. I really just desire a healthy partnership with someone who will lift me up when I’m down and stand by me even when life deals me its most difficult hand. Lately it is appearing that a relationship of that sort is not just hard to come by, but hard to make a long-term part of one’s life.

I never grew up with the desire to date multiple people or “experiment” or “see what else was out there”. I have always thought in my deepest of thoughts that dating was a process done to find a husband and a long-term partner in crime. I have always desired a family and recently having children has been a growing desire of mine and the clock is tick-tick-ticking!

When I look around at the other girls & boys / men & women (I can’t determine which is more appropriate) of my age, I feel a sense that I am stuck in the wrong generation filled with people who share completely different values and beliefs than I do when it comes to a family and marriage. I feel so strongly about these things and turn around to see and feel the effects of loveless romance and unsurpassable amounts of infidelity. Am I alone on these expectations of family life by age twenty-something? Do people my age just not care anymore?

I have only found a few other humans my age that share these same views that I do. My best friend who has experienced such similar experiences as my own… even she is now left to raise a child as a single mother.  Another friend of mine just found out she will be in a similar situation soon, too. While they are left with the blessing of beautiful daughters there is still the obvious evidence that too many people of my generation are failing to step up to the plate of adulthood and think about family life and responsibilities and the importance of relationships.

Us hopeless romantics are shriveling up like some sort of natural selection experiment.

All I am asking is… what has happened? Why do people not see the importance of these things the way I see them, anymore? Will I ever find what I am looking for or is it purely an antiquated concept…

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