Hi, Hello!

I feel like i should provide a warm welcome to all my new visitors and followers.  I hope this page doesn’t come as a shock to any of you that know me or used to know me or just know of me.  I’m here providing essentially full disclosure to the inner workings of my brain and my life.  Whether you find it entertaining, relatable, or none of the above, i hope you enjoy your stay.

This is an experiment of my own and I’m not sure in which direction it will go or if it will flourish or flop… but such is life.

Those who do know me personally know of the loops I’ve been thrown through in the past several months (2014 you can kiss my booty) so here i am laying it all out there and opening my world up to you!  I’m embracing the “carefree (to a certain extent), take life one day at a time, savor the journey” type of attitude.

Now i typically consider myself a relatively boring person but apparently i can be somewhat good at this word-vomit thing and even a little bit entertaining so I hope you all agree and stick around for the long haul. I laugh at myself around 40 times a day so Im hoping i can provide you with at least a chuckle, as well.



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