It’s been a weird day.

All week I have been stuck in this writers-block bubble and finding it impossible to break out of. It never helps that the dogs in my house have to play constantly throughout the day and at loud volumes that make it impossible have a single sensible thought. So today’s post is just a little view of the day’s events. It was a bit of an interesting one and I promise to leave out discussion of school work and classroom banter. Id like to officially thank one of my best friends, Laura, for making Ohio living manageable for me.  Without her I would most likely be seeking weekly counseling just to finish out my last few months in this hell hole.  So the majority of my morning was spent howling in laughter with her on my university campus as we read through articles, that are not necessarily appropriate to mention on this public forum, and as always i appreciated the taste of ice-cold coffee. But things got a bit more interesting after classes ended for the day.  I had errands to run but before I did that I decided today was the day to start a few different DIY projects.  Anyone who has ever shopped at Hobby Lobby knows how dangerous it is.  Especially for people like myself who live and breathe anything home decor.  So there I was wandering around without a purpose and spending money I don’t have on decorations for a house I don’t yet own.



Lets not forget the project I completed for the dogs that continue to run my life.

My 1,000 toys are boring so I must dig a hole in my expensive bed

My 1,000 toys are boring so I must dig a hole in my expensive bed


It ain’t perfect but it’s in one piece

But they’re so dang cute so I do it willingly. untitled-0811 My real purpose for my venture into society was just to run down the road to pick up some paperwork on my newly purchased car.  When I walked into the building I was greeted by a woman of interesting character.  She was there with a younger man, probably around thirty, and he was looking for a new “luxury” car while she waited patiently at the front desk where I was.  This woman must have been around sixty or seventy and was missing the majority of her teeth.  she was fashionable, so I will give her that, but there was definitely something off about her.  As she struck up a conversation with me I knew this short trip was bound to be memorable.  She began talking about how nicely I wore my scarf and how many ladies would never be able to pull such a thing off (flattery!).  And for whatever reason that put her on the topic of men and dating (it is my life we are talking about so go figure).  She continued to explain to me how the man she was with loved hanging out with older women like herself and that he was treating her to lunch that day.  She was joking with me but it was definitely uncomfortable when she brought up the idea of asking him if they could invite me along, as well.  When asked if we needed any assistance, another employee said she was with them, to which she exclaimed “I’m with everybody!” and, quite honestly, I’m not sure if she really knew the man she was with or if it was just a casual arrangement but I must say congratulations for a woman of such an age to score a handsome man because that’s something even myself, a young scarf rockin’ woman of intelligence, cannot seem to successfully do.  You go girl! untitled-0777 So tonight I relax, drink in hand, CNN on tv, amused with another day quickly passed.



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2 thoughts on “It’s been a weird day.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You r cracking me up!!! You r also being WAY TOO HARD on yourself!!! YOU just haven’t found someone who DESERVES YOU!!! I kissed ALOT of toads before i met my PRINCE CHARMING otherwise known as your UNCLE!!! There is new HOBBY LOBBY in Manchester now!!! I LOVE IT!!! SEE u r alot like ur old auntie!!! I LOVE U !!! Keep ur chin up and keep rocking the scarves!! YOU R BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!! It’s friggin snowing AGAIN here in crappy CT!!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan Calland says:

    You make me smile! You will find your Prince Charming when you are least expecting it! Be patient. Love the scarf (if that’s you in that picture)! Hang in there! Hugs!


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