Is anybody out there?

I have abandoned this precious site for over two weeks now but I promise I did not forget it!

These past few weeks have been so hectic.  I had spring break last week on the East coast but otherwise life has just been simply all over the place.  Selling a house with 4 dogs, a part time job, and an overloaded school schedule is really starting to get to me.  When you throw in an absolutely fantastic spring break, senioritis is also at an all time high and I am more than ready to graduate and be done.

Im going to skip out a little bit on the writing for now and just share several pictures of the past 2-3 weeks and save the opinionated blabber for another time.  Enjoy!

Train Ride Tourism

Train Ride Tourism

spring break 15-85

Visit to Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC

Laura's first experience in the subway

Laura’s first experience in the subway

spring break 15-251

spring break 15-266

A lunch to remember...

A lunch to remember…

Aside from spring break and our trip to New York (1/10 of which was actually depicted, of course) I’ve been playing around with other skin & beauty products.

If you have not yet heard of #Frank body scrub then you are really missing out.  I was originally skeptical and thought this was just the new product people were obsessing over this week *blah, blah, blah*…. But, boy, was I wrong!  This stuff is the real deal.  My skin has honestly never felt so soft and healthy after a skin treatment.  You can use it on your face or all over.  It helps with several major skin issues or just for general skin maintanence.  Plus, their marketing is top notch.  The packaging alone will crack you up and convince you to use the product and share it with the world.  It’s all about that #FrankEffect.  Check them out on any and all of your social media platforms (Especially Instagram, where that hashtag is linked to thousands of beautiful bare people coffered in coffee grinds).  Highly Recommend!






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