One month & counting…


All my friends are blonde.

It’s nearing the end of March and all I can be reminded of is the impending graduation in May. This week it has really begun to sink in that I only have one more month in this town, on this campus, in this state with my friends and people whom I consider family.  I have gone almost four years without living the stereotypical college lifestyle but last night I gave it a shot and while the decisions that were made were a far cry from some of my best, I had an amazing time with some of the greatest people I know.

IMG_1005Anyone that knows me in the slightest is aware that I typically am not a drinker and went over four years without the slightest touch of alcohol or any type of drug passing through my system (drugs are still a poor decision, do not recommend). Definitely an unpopular opinion amongst people my age but it just really isn’t a lifestyle that pulls me in. I am not someone who supports reckless behavior or drunk driving or focusing all of ones attention on being belligerently under the influence of any substance. I feel sad when I see people sacrificing their potential for the thrill of the party.

But that is a personal decision for each individual and just as I hated people who judged me for not partying, it would be wrong to judge those who live for it. This also goes for the judgment I’ve felt for my decision to try out this college lifestyle briefly as I realize its now or never to have this experience.


I blame it all on spring break and Beyonce.

That’s a joke, kind of…

But in all honesty, while I admit staying out till 3am on a Wednesday night when you know you have two finals at 9am Thursday morning is NOT a valid decision, I think I would probably do it just once more in my lifetime. To those of you who can do this weekly, I give you a lot of credit.

Waking up this morning was god-awful. Sitting in class preparing to take a final with 10+ other students who made the same decision as I did was partly hilarious and partly regrettable. When I finally made it to the third floor, where my class was, at the horrific hour of 9am, and was asked, “Hey, how late did you stay up studying?” I just looked around at the rest of the shame-baron faces I recognized from the previous night and tried my hardest to hold back laughter.

(Hi mom, don’t worry… I did well on the exam! ☺ ).


World’s worst pool player

We’re only young once, right? I’ve waited till the final month of my college career to have fun and stay out till the sun comes up and maybe get a little too wild on a weeknight but I know that I will never forget these memories and these people I am sharing them with. I would hate to look back and regret not trying it and not having a little bit of fun while I had the chance.


This only reminds me more that I am leaving soon. Shout out to my best friend, Laura, who I am going to miss more than anything about this place. She has become an extension of me. There is absolutely zero filter in our relationship. We have grown so close just in these past few months that I now feel withdrawal symptoms if I go more than 10 hours without seeing her. She is the friend that walks into your house unannounced, lets your dogs outside, and helps herself to a glass of wine while she watches TV on your couch then falls asleep in your guest bedroom that is now deemed “hers” and through all of this… exchanging of words: optional. I love her like I do my family.

(And I demand she move to Connecticut after she graduates or my heart will break)


The aftermath, Ft. Laura aka “Scout”

Also, I made it to the BP finals before I was forced to forfeit because my partner bailed on me.



Anyway, I feel it necessary to establish that I am still the same mostly-boring and responsible me.  So spare the judgement while I enjoy the ending of my college career with a little bit of fun.


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